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Hitbox eSports Coming in 4K UHD?


So, you’ve probably heard about esports the new craze that has come in over the past decades since streaming technology has been on the rise. 500 million streaming fans? eSports has got it! There’s even esports betting rings in full swing. With games like League of Legends and dota 2 bringing millions of players and viewers to watch high-octane matches, it’s only natural that bookies would follow. Even crypto has gotten in on the craze, Btc esports bets can be placed on numerous different matches, showing the deep link between esports and technology.

A link that has only been increasing as the sport continues to grow in popularity as more people join in. Since all you need to compete in esports is a computer, the game, and an internet connection, the next esports champion could be anyone. All over the world, gamers are training to become the next great esports player, trying their best to get a dota 2 boost to level up their rank. After all the higher their rank, the more likely they will be scouted by an esports team. In games like CSGO where weapons you collect can affect how well you play, players are flocking to sites like CSGOBets to get the best weapon boxes – and they often make a show of it too. Streams of level grinding and weapon unboxingings are watched almost as widely as the matches they are meant to prepare for.

With all these new ventures coming to esports, it’s almost impossible to say there’s no room in the market for something similar. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the huge rush that is eSports. One important aspect of esports is the live video delivery market. It has become a major business for services like Google, Amazon and Netflix, among others.

The newbie Hitbox wants to take a step higher with their streaming service. How does 4k streaming of eSports sounds to its fans out there?

Of course, it ain’t an easy leap but Martin Klimscha, CEO and co-founder of the Hitbox service thinks that 4K is the definite future of eSports and gaming video. The resolution, which offers 4 times the detail and pixels of Full HD, is a rapidly developing technology. Furthermore, TVs and internet connections which support it are becoming more numerous than ever.

Since many sports events are already shown on gigantic jumbotrons in stadiums around the world in 4K resolution, Klimscha thinks that game and sport fans would definitely want that same sort of 4K display clarity experience in their own homes via live video streaming.

According to Klimscha, “Gaming is about immersion, blurring the line between a screen and reality…. In running 4K at 60 frames per second, high-paced games really come to life”.