Shogun Cage

3D Printed Cage for the Atomos Shogun Recorder


The Atomos Shogun is a state of the art 4K/1080 External Recorder and more. But your BIG $$$$ investment needs proper protection, but it doesn’t need to weigh a ton! This 3D Printed Shogun Cage weighs a few grams and protects as well or better than anything on the market.

This is a 2 part product, so be sure to order both parts. You will need four 4×40 bolts and four #4 nuts to connect. Easily available at Home Depot or any hardware store.

You can now order the Atomos Shogun Cage via Shapeways. Only at 3DGuy’s Store!

Shogun Cage Part 1 of 2 Shogun Cage Part 2 of 2

This model is 3D Printed in Black Strong & Flexible: Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

More image of this product can be viewed on our Facebook Page.


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