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Kodak PixPro Drops New Stitching Software For SP360 4K Cameras








I just received this and wanted to pass this along to the Kodak PixPro SP360 4k users out there. I especially like the addition of the waterproof housing stitching settings. I’ll report back after I test it.

We are pleased to announce the KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K dual mounted cameras can now be stitched into a single 360° file using the newest version of the FREE PIXPRO 360 VR Suite Software (Mac and Windows The PIXPRO 360 VR Suite Software now supports both the ORBIT360 4K and SP360 4K photo and video files.

Newest Features Supported:

  • Horizontal correction capability
  • SP360 4K stitching capability
  • Trim/Export/Record interface
  • Snap Shot interface
  • Waterproof Housing stitching setting








You can download this latest version of the PIXPRO 360 VR Software by simply clicking on PIXPRO Software downloads for PC/Mac.”