M-GO Powers Up for More UHD Content


M-GO, a premium transactional video on-demand (TVoD) service and joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation, is now using Beamr Video to enhance video quality and bandwidth aiming for “a best-in-class user experience” for M-Go’s premium streaming service.

Based on a patent-pending perceptual quality measure, Beamr Video automatically reduces the bitrate of any H.264 or HEVC HD and 4K video stream by up to 50 per cent while retaining the full perceptual quality and format of the original file, the company claims. Beamr’s technology aims to provide a smoother streaming experience with reduced buffering and faster stream starts, resulting in increased ARPU and higher customer satisfaction, in addition to reduced distribution costs.

“M-GO is committed to delivering premium content and the highest user experience possible over every medium and device,” said Samir Ahmed, CTO of M-GO. “It is M-GO’s strategy to leverage the best available technologies to address the growing bandwidth squeeze challenge. We found Beamr’s technology to deliver network-friendly streams with excellent image quality, resulting in enhanced user experience and significant cost savings.”

M-GO is leveraging strategic partnerships with tier-one media companies to grow its vast premium content catalogue, including 4K UHD titles. Recently announced CE partnerships with Samsung and LG, along with availability on all major platforms, have also enabled the company to expand its VoD service offering.

Source: TVBEurope.com

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