Quantum Dots Promises Cheaper 4KTVs

In recent years, the cutting-edge high-definition television landscape has been dominated by high-quality, highly priced organic light-emitting diode (OLED) sets; if you want the absolute best, you’d have to pay a high price. But what if you could get the same picture quality (or better) for cheaper?

So far quantum dots sound perfect — better color range, cheaper manufacturing (and in turn, cheaper prices for consumers), cheaper to power — but there’s some concern that these quantum dot televisions can’t handle motion blur and content refresh rates the way OLEDs can; OLEDs are still quicker right now. Ho remains confident, however that quantum dots are the way of the future, even if the technology has only just made a real name for itself: “They’re more energy-efficient, better performing and lower cost. It’s hard to make a case for an OLED TV to exist.”

Watch the video interview for more information or go to IBTImes.com.

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