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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics – IGN.com Tie-up

IGN.com, the leading entertainment and videogame info provider in the internet, together with Mitsubishi Digital Electronics had just announced its 3D-Ready Home Theater Promotion. ­­3D-market demand continues to grow, and this promo features 3D gaming and films competence. In line with this promotion is a sweepstakes enticing consumers a chance to bring home an all-in Mitsubishi 3D Home Entertainment package. This includes; 65-inch 3D-Ready Home Theater Television, Aspen media server, NVIDIA graphics card, emitter and two pairs of 3D glasses. Wow!

Frank DeMartin, vice president of marketing, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, said, “For gamers, 3D is the perfect technology to bring the action to life and we are ready to help take it to the next level through the incredible picture performance and exceptional value that our Home Theater TVs deliver. With more and more 3D video content being produced, this sweepstakes will put the winner in the enviable position of owning one of the most complete bundles of 3D video equipment the entertainment industry currently has to offer.”

There’s a ton of 3D video games to play and same with 3D movies, too. Every title can be experienced in a vibrant 3D world.

This is a great team-up and definitely will hit today’s trend.

Mitsubishi 65-inch 3D-Ready Home Theater TV -WD-65737

source: itnewsonline.com