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NFL tackles 3D with Verizon’s FiOS TV hosting

If there is one area most everyone can agree 3D will benefit is the live action draw of a feisty sports Match. The World Cup has paved the way with a strong following for its 3D coverage, and hot on the tournaments footsteps is NFL setting the stage for an obvious match up in at home 3D entertainment.

Responses from select groups viewing select football games in 3D have consistently screened well, so expect more 3D in the NFL as Version stages the first one exclusively on their FiOS TV service.  The match commences  Sep 2nd between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots on FiOS Channel 834 for subscribers in the NYC area  including Long Island and Westchester and Rockland counties, as well as for subscribers in northern New Jersey, Mercer County, N.J., Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Besides geographic proximity, you will need the service, a compatible TV and 3D glasses to experience the broadcast.

Sport is proving to be stepping up as a leader in 3D content available, but the content is surely catching up to the hardware already available out there. WealthTV has it’s VOD package 3D offered to Verizon FiOS subscribers across the US, which includes but certainly not limited to WOW, a series built around worldwide travel experiences, and Markets and Tastes,  a culinary show, produced by Al Caudullo Productions.