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Play 3D Games on Your iPhone with ‘Clear Vu’

Optinvent revealed that it is making the “Clear Vu,” a goggle-type head mounted display (HMD) that can be manufactured at a lower cost than existing products.

“When connected to a video-enabled mobile device like the iPhone, the Clear Vu makes it possible to watch movies and TV programs, play 3D games and use navigation on a large screen,” Kayvan Mirza said. “The Clear Vu must have a wider horizontal angle of view than any other optical-transmission-type HMDs including those currently being developed.”

Prototype of the “Clear Vu”

The Clear Vu is an optical-transmission-type HMD, which is based on plano glasses and casts an image from amicrodisplayin the wearer’s vision. A Japanese maker will produce the HMD, which is scheduled for release at the end of 2010.

Kayvan Mirza, CEO of the corporation, said, “In the past, the video-transmission-type, which completely cuts off the wearer’s view and shows images from a video camera, was main stream. However, in recent years, many manufacturers including Konica Minolta Holdings Inc, Olympus Corp and Sony Corp are developing optical-transmission-type HMDs. Optinvent defines the Clear Vu as a “portable large-size display.”

The lens is made of plastic and can be mass-produced by vaccination molding. Therefore, the cost can be lowered to several US dollars per lens, and the HMD’s price less than $200, Mirza said.

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source: impactlab.com