Quest Vs Neo 3 – Did you know?

Quest 2 Vs Pico Neo 3 Asian Consumer Version
Quest 2 Vs Pico Neo 3 Asian Consumer Version
Did you know? Quest 2 Vs. Pico Neo 3

Hey, everybody, Al Caudullo here today, and I’m going to give you a little bit of a comparison between the Quest 2 and the Pico Neo 3.

Now, this is the Asian market version, so this is not the one that you’re going to be seeing in the U.S.

This is the Asian market consumer version.

Quest 2 & Pico Neo 3 Asian Version

The Pico Neo 3 has a flexible strap rather than the hard plastic, but it does have the battery located in the back, which makes it, I think, a lot more comfortable.

Now, I’ve kind of cheated a little bit here because I’ve added a Halo type of adapter, which doesn’t have a battery in the back, but it does have this very cool adjustment knob to keep it tight on your head.

But without that, you’d be using the typical strap, and that strap kind of leans heavily on the bridge of your nose, which I’m not a big fan of.

Quest 2 with Halo Ultra Comfort Headband

There’s also another very interesting thing about setting up with the Pico Neo 3 and setting up with the Quest, 2.

When you first put on the Quest 2 it automatically wants to set up your guardian. To set up the guardian

you have to go through these steps. (Watch the video above)

Pico Neo 3 Asian Consumer Version

OK, so first we’re going to start our recording now, and I’m going to go here to settings and Guardian

and we’re going to mimic what we see when we first turn on our Quest 2. Now you notice that it is looking for us to go ahead and confirm the floor.

So that’s step one.

Now we can either outline or define our play area or switch to the stationary boundary, and then we have to confirm that, and then we’re done.

Compare the controllers. Which do you like?

But with the Pico 3, they have a fast-track version that makes it much quicker to be able to get set up and get playing or watching whatever you want to in the headset.

Take a look at that here.

OK, we’ve started our screen recording.

And I’m going to re-enable the safety zone so we can see the steps that are involved in setting it up.

That’s what they’re calling the guardian system is the safety zone. All we have to do is decide if we want standing or sitting, Small, medium, or large, and click finish.

That’s it, we’re done.

Quest 2 Controller

Here’s another difference when you do a screen recording with the Quest you get a 2D image.

Sounds OK, but it’s really cool in the Neo 3 when you do a screen capture in video. You will get (3D) side by side. You’ll actually see what both eyes are seeing so that when you post it, you can actually make it 3D.

A couple of interesting little differences between the two headsets.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Pico Neo 3 Asian Consumer Version
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What is 360 VR Video?

360 video is a video that is recorded in all directions at the same time with multiple cameras. The videos are stitched together either internally in the camera or externally using special software.

It then forms one spherical video that is controlled by the viewer, enabling them to look up, down, right or left at their discretion.

Is 360 Video Virtual Reality?

I want you to be the judge.

Recommended MicroSD Card for use with the Fusion 360 camera

Recommended MicroSD Card for use with the Fusion 360 camera 

How are you watching your 360 VR Video?

Are you watching on your PC?

Is it Facebook? YouTube? Veer.TV ?

Or better still, are you using your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with your Samsung Gear VR Headset?

GoPro-Fusion-Tripod-Mount-1_4-20-screw-thread for GoPro Fusion

Or are you using another smartphone with a Google Cardboard? Google Daydream?

Leave a comment below. Let us know what you like or don’t like. If you have seen a 360 VR video that you think is awesome, tell us, and we will feature it.

What type of VR Headset do you own? Or do you watch with your computer? Smartphone?

Do you have a VR camera? Ricoh Theta S? Ion360?  Samsung 360 gear? Insta360?

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