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R-360-3D Lowers Cost of Stereoscopic Color Grading

da Vinci Systems announced its Resolve R-360-3D, a next-generation Resolve(r) stereoscopic color grading system that offers a innovative price-performance solution for the growing 3D post-production market.

The Resolve R-360-3D system grades at 30fps with 2K playback and features 3D HD SDI display output, powered by the C.O.R.E. (TM) (CUDA(r) Optimized Resolve(r) Engine) graphics processing unit (GPU) from NVIDIA(r). Offered at 30 percent below the cost of previous stereoscopic grading systems, the R-360-3D’s speed, power, and affordability easily surpasses any 3D color grading system in its class.

Gary Adams, da Vinci product manager, said, “By coupling our Resolve software with the technology advances of the world’s leading GPU developer, NVIDIA, we can provide our clients and the post-production color grading market with powerful and cost-effective solutions for the rapidly emerging 3D motion picture market.”

Moreover, the Resolve R-360-3D system makes it possible to copy grades to the added timeline in a single operation, with grading then continuing in stereo. Resolve’s ColorTrace(TM) feature increases facility throughput and workflow efficiency by automatically copying grades either from earlier sessions or from the time editorial changes occur.

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