How To Remove a 360 Rig with Kolor Autopano

How To Remove a 360 Rig with Kolor Autopano









I’ve been getting lots of emails asking for more basic tutorials on 360 VR videos. So in line with that here is a lesson in how to remove the rig in the nadir of your shot using just Autopano Video Pro. Many will say that this isn’t the Pro thing to do, but nevermind them.
The tutorial is going to pick up after you have imported your videos, synchronized them and stitched the 360 video together.









The first thing to do is to have your “patch” image ready. Using whatever graphic program you prefer, make a square logo that will go on your video.

Next, in AVP, click Edit to open Autopano Giga. Once Giga is open, go to the bottom panel and “Add a new layer” What shows up is a layer called “Blended Layer,” let’s change that name to “Patch.”










Right click on the “Patch” layer and then click “add images.” Locate the square logo image that you want to use and select it.









The logo is then inserted into the video and is in the middle of the image.









To place it where we need it, we need to go to the “Move Images Mode” on the left. The default position is to move the entire Pano image, so we need to select “Picture” then so that we will just be moving the single image. The image that we are working with was from a three camera Kodak SP360 custom rig, so the logo image is shown to be number four.









Click on the “4” and hold and drag the logo image to the bottom of the screen to position it where we want it to go. We want to make a flat line across the top of the number four image. But at this point it’s too big, so we will need to select the “Image Size” picture icon. To resize the logo, simply select the “4” and hold and drag you mouse down to make the image smaller. We want it to just cover the top of the exposed rig in the 360 video clip.









To check the overall image, click the “Blend” tab at the top of the screen. Once the logo image is adjusted to your liking, click “Save” to send the settings back to Autopano Video Pro.









From there, save your project and render your finished video.









Open up the GoPro VR Player and have a look by dragging the mouse to look at the nadir in the video.









That’s all there is to it. Watch the video to see the step by step process.

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