Your Daily Explore 360 VR Fix: The Two-Minute Saigon Motorcycle Tour

The Two-Minute Saigon Motorcycle Tour
The local Vietnamese people still call it Saigon. But whether Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, it is the bustling, high-paced, kinetic life-force of Vietnam. And the best way to see it is on the back of a motorcycle. Whilst over in the States, people have to worry about ohio motorcycle age limits (or those of the state they’re in), this law is a little more lax over in Vietnam. So, to keep safe, how would you prefer to experience it? In the experienced hands of Hoang Nguyen, of Explore360 Vietnam, he and I braved the non-stop traffic to bring you this 360 view. Enjoy!
I hope that you are ready for your daily fix of VR juice. Drink it up, there will be a new one tomorrow.

What is 360 VR Video?

360 video is video that is recorded in all directions at the same time with multiple cameras. The videos are stitched together either internally in the camera or externally using special software.

It then forms one shperical video that is controlled by the viewer, enabling them to look up, down, right or left at their discretion.

Is 360 Video Virtual Reality?

I want you to be the judge.

How are you watching your 360 VR Video?

Are you watching on your PC?

Is it Facebook? YouTube? Veer.TV ?

Or better still, are you using your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with your Samsung Gear VR Headset?

Or are you using another smartphone with a Google Cardboard?

Leave a comment below. Let us know what you like or don’t like. If you have seen a 360 VR video that you think is awesome, tell us and we will feature it.

What type of VR Headset you own? Or do you watch with your computer? Smartphone?

Do you have a VR camera? Ricoh Theta S ? Kodak PixPro SP360 4K ? Samsung 360 gear ?

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