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Your Daily VR Fix, Today: Diving Under The Sea

As VR is hard charging into your headset, we wanted to give you, your daily fix of VR juice. Drink it up, there will be a new one tomorrow. You can watch on your PC or better still, use your Homido VR HeadsetHomido Mini VRSamsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. With your Homido, you can open this easily by opening the Homido Player app, select the ‘Internet browser’ from the menu and copy and paste this link,  then simply click and play the video.

Todays VR experience takes you under the sea. This 360° Video Project about scuba diving in Green Island, Taiwan. Popular diving spot include Shihlang (石朗), Iron Reef (鋼鐵礁), Big Mushroom (大香菇), Telephone Pole Reef (電線桿礁)