Polaroid Eyewear Licenses RealD

Polaroid Eyewear, which is a division of StyleMark AG, said Wednesday that it acquired the licensing rights to RealD, a leading provider of 3D technology for cinema, consumer electronics and professional applications, for a new generation of curved 3D glasses called Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear.

Under the agreement, Polaroid Eyewear will distribute its RealD certified Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear line to movie theaters and cinemas, eye care professionals and other retail channels, including mass-merchant and consumer electronics accounts, using its global network of subsidiaries and distributors, the company said.

“Our product provides a more comfortable and affordable solution,” Jan Luna, StyleMark Polaroid Perfect Vision 3D mass-market national accounts manager, told TWICE. “No batteries are required, there is no transmission near your head, and with a $29.95 suggested retail price vs. an average of $150 for active-shutter glasses, we think the passive technology is a better solution that [TV] manufacturers will migrate to.  Plus, consumers can use our glasses at home, with a passive circular polarized television, as well as at the theater.”

Luna said the company has no plans use the Polaroid or RealD brands on active-shutter style 3D eyewear at this time, but it expects more television makers to introduce passive polarized-style 3D TVs that will use its glasses, in time.

“Since some manufacturers have already announced the launch of passive-type televisions — LG launched some in the U.K., Vizio will launch some in the U.S. later this year or early 2011, plus the pro monitors from Panasonic and JVC that are out now — we believe there will be more to come,” Luna said.

Meanwhile, Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear will be compatible with all RealD 3D-enabled movie theaters around the world.

“RealD is excited to partner with a brand like Polaroid that has a heritage in polarizing lens technology,” said Joseph Peixoto, RealD worldwide cinema president. “Polaroid Premium 3D Eyewear promises a range of custom frames with precisely curved lenses so moviegoers can fully experience RealD 3D with an uncompromising field of vision and a pair of glasses to match their personal style.”

The launch collection includes a range of designs, and will be available for prescription-lens wearers.

The company said it will also market a junior-style line for children.

Polaroid Eyewear said the collection was developed under the umbrella of a full 3D vision marketing concept, supporting an easy-to-handle sales system in movie theatre and cinema lobbies, and professional optical and retail channels. 

The glasses will use “unique 3D formed lenses, differentiating the product from standard 3D cinema glasses provided at theatres and similar products currently available on the market,” the company said.

The glasses are also fully UV-protective so that a consumer can choose to wear them outdoors without risk of UV damage.

“We are a brand that is all about technical innovation, style and great value for the money,” said Andy Suszko, Polaroid Eyewear president. “This endorsement from RealD recognizes the high quality of our 3D lenses, made possible only by our unique, patented ThermoFusion Technology, the same technology used to make our linear polarized lenses for the highly successful sunglass collections we sell worldwide.”

2 thoughts on “Polaroid Eyewear Licenses RealD

  1. Saw the latest models at CES and it is pretty impressive. I stood next to some Oakley people who seemed to be checking out the line with great interest. Good buzz around the stand – especially when Lady Gaga turned up to present her Grey Line. Good to see a global icon brand coming back to market with some good-looking and relevant products.

  2. Polaroid and RealD sounds like a good combination. You’ve got to think that Polaroid know what they are doing when it comes to polarizing eyewear.Got to be a step up from those free issue glasses!

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