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Puccini’s La Bohème To Be Aired in 4K at Funbox


The world famous opera,  La Bohème, will be screened at SPI International ‘s FUNBOX 4K UHD.

La Bohème will be directed by Ettore Scola during the 60th Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago, Italy, with sets designed by close collaborator Luciano Ricceri. Rights holder DBW Communication filmed La Bohème in co-production with RAI COM and with the support of satellite operator Eutelsat Communications. DBW employed six 4K Sony F55 cameras, one 4K OB van, several certified cinema 4K lenses, and a new Sony server able to film up to four 50 frames per second 4KTV streams at the same time.

“We are thrilled to present this stunning cinematic opera in the Ultra HD resolution on our FUNBOX 4K UHD channel,” said FilmBox International executive director Berk Uziyel. “La Bohème, shot entirely in native 4K, is exactly what will make watching our channel an unforgettable experience for the premium viewer who appreciates quality programmes. We are also glad to have acquired Andrea Palladio, the Architect of Beauty, another 4K production from the DBW portfolio, which perfectly fits the profile of our new channel.”

“I am very happy that SPI international has acquired the rights for La Bohème for their new 4K (Ultra HD) channel which will be the first commercial 4K channel on Eutelsat HOT BIRD satellite receivable in Europe, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East,” commented Giuliano Berretta, president of DBW Communication. “DBW has put a great effort to make this co-production with RAI COM – an example of combination of art and technique.”

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