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Radiant Images Showing Off Latest Version of Headcase VR 360

Here’s a yet another promising VR capturing device! The latest version of the Headcase Cinema Quality VR 360 by Radiant Images.

The Headcase VR rig offers a complete immersive experience for viewers. Using Codex Action Cameras, the Headcase VR rig allows you to capture cinema quality 12-bit raw files with the ability to genlock and use high quality c-mount lenses. It gives the viewer the freedom to look in any direction, 360 degrees longitudinally by 360 degrees latitudinally.

Radiant and Headcase partner on VR workflow, including capture, stitch, editorial and delivery services. But the big system isn’t the only VR option at Radiant. The company also offers stereo VR rigs, cylindrical rigs, spherical GoPro rigs, and custom camera arrays.


Source: RadiantImages.com