CINEMARTIN NEXT Recorder Debuts With Stellar Results

                The CineMartin Next Device is a triple threat. It’s a recorder a monitor and a computer all in one. This device is truly unique. It stands apart from other recorders and monitors because of the high-end ultra small PC that’s built in.           […]

3DR Flies High with SCI_FI Series Shot With Drones

Titled, Life After Gravity, 3DR is out to show that drones, in particular, their Solo drone, can create an entire TV series only using drone created video. And if the trailer is any indication, they will have a hit on their hands. What’s more is they want you to participate. That’s right they are inviting […]

FAA Slams Drone Company With $1.9 Million

                  Is the FAA flexing its muscles or going way overboard? What do you think of this $1.9 Million fine? Here is the background from a wonderful in-depth story on Motherboard. Over the course of 2012, it received at least two more anonymous complaints regarding SkyPan’s flights. […]

Yezz is Ready for VR 360, Are You?

Here come the 360 VR phones. Yezz comes with Google Cardboard. Here is the press release. Will VR catch on or will it be a fad? Miami – October 5th, 2015 – YEZZ, a worldwide mobile brand, is announcing the launch of the Android phone, Andy 5.5VR, with software that will enable a smooth virtual […]

Rendermedia And Sir Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine 3D Animation

Augmented Reality Jet engine App from Rendermedia CGI on Vimeo. The team at Rendermedia stepped up to the #edtech challenge when they were commissioned to create a 3D animation for a TV documentary called ‘Sir Frank Whittle’s Jet Engine’ for the UK History Channel. This topic was linked to the national educational (UK) curriculum for […]

Ultra High Definition Comes to Space

This a fantastic article with awesome videos from  NASA showing one of the first UHD videos from space. Shot with a RED EPIC DRAGON 6K . that’s a whopping 6144 x 3160 pixels of spectacular goodness. Of course, you’ll have to settle for 4K with YouTube compression, at best, for now. But still, it is just gobsmack […]

Businesses Need More Video Content

I came across this story on Entrepreneur. com by Rebekah Iliff, Chief Strategy Officer for AirPR. It makes a very compelling case for video in today’s marketplace as a tool for not only brand awareness but also creating that all-important connection to the lifeblood of any business, the customer. This is something places like this […]

DJI Explodes In New Market With Osmo

DJI is on an evolutionary track. Not content to rule the skies with the number one selling drone fleet consisting of the Phantom Series and the Inspire 1, they have now made a spectacular landing with the handheld DJI Osmo. Strange name for a very solid product. Utilizing their experience with gimbals on the drones, they […]

Orbbec Persee: World’s First 3D Camera-Computer

                The Orbbec Persee is an IndieGoGo that really impressed me. This is an intelligent tech that can be used for a variety of uses. The beauty of the device is that it is not just a camera, it has a built A9 ARM processor. It is a […]

First Dual Extrusion Paste 3D Printer

            I love 3D printing and I firmly believe that you will be able to 3D print anything pretty soon. In keeping with that here is a 3D printer that can print almost any material that is available in  liquid or paste form.                 […]

First 17.3″ 8K Monitor Available

                  For those of you who don’t want to waste your time with mere 4K monitors, here it is. The first 8K x 4K 17.3″ Monitor. That’s 7690×4320 for you pixel counters out there. They haven’t announced a price but you can bet it won’t be cheap. […]

Emmy Award for FrameForge Previz Studio

                I was greeted this morning by a contact from fellow New Yorker and creator of FrameForge Previz Studio, Ken Schafer. Ken is also the President of Innoventive Software,LLC. The good news that he was sharing involves a very nice statue that Ken will soon have on his […]

Red Giant Ready for El Capitan

                  Red Giant’s Aharon Rabinowitz announced today that all current versions of Red Giant products are compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 – El Capitan. The best way to ensure that your Red Giant products will work in El Capitan is to run Red Giant Linkand to see if any of […]

NASA Creating Anti-Crash System For Drones

              NASA has announced that it has partnered up with several companies and has completed the third phase of testing of a Detect-And-Avoid (DAA) system to avoid other aircraft. Pictured here, NASA is using it’s remote piloted Ikhana drone. Equipped with a prototype system of Detect-and-Avoid (DAA) sensors working […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Takes Us For A 3D Walk

THE Walk could make you sick. Really. Some vertiginous viewers in the US have been caught off balance by the 3D flick about the daredevil who walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers — feeling downright queasy by the perceived height. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Frenchman Philippe Petit, who snuck to the top of the World […]

Art House 3D Porn Arrives

Movie theaters currently have a handful of exciting features that make incredible use of 3D. Everest uses the technology to transport us to the top of the titular mountain. Ridley Scott’s The Martian uses 3D to place us inside multiple space crafts heading to Mars. And if you are scared of heights, you might want […]

The Official Release of the RED Raven

                  Most of this we already know because Jarred Land, the new President at RED Digital Cinema popped the news early on Facebook. We were the first Tech Journalist Site  to break the story a couple of days ago. But now it’s the official release of the eagerly […]

Red Giant Major Enhancements to Magic Bullet Suite

                    Red Giant has a new upgrade for users that expand and enhance how you work with color. The upgrades apply to Magic Bullet Looks (v3.1), Magic Bullet Colorista III (v1.1), as well as Magic Bullet Film, Cosmo and Mojo. The Magic Bullet Suite contain my […]